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Powerful Real Sites with Organic Traffic to Boost Your Backlink Profile!


Real Sites

We only choose sites that have real traffic (based on Ahrefs Organic Traffic Estimates) and avoid the spammy PBNs and PBN-turned guest post sites.


Multiple Options

Unlike most of the guest post outreach services who provide just 3-4 options based on either DR or Traffic, we offer 15 options to choose from!


Our guest post service is built on top of long-standing relationships with website owners. This allows us to get better pricing!



We have a 100% track record of delivering guests posts within 7 working days. No waiting for weeks on end for your guest posts to go live!


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How It Works


Step 1

Confirm Your Target URLs, Anchor Texts & Relevancy

After you place the order, you’ll receive the form to confirm your target URLs, anchor texts and most important the relevancy (keyword/s to be uses in article URL, Title and Heading). Letting us know the relevancy keywords helps you leverage the guest posts links and more lasting results! After all SEO is all about relevancy and then power! Right?


Step 2

Find Relevant Placements and/or Perform Custom Outreach

Our dedicated team of guest post specialists will find relevant targets based on the metrics requested from our ever-increasing database of quality websites or do a custom outreach! Primarily we go for sites that have relevant keyword in the domain, if that’s not possible we focus on getting most niche-relevant websites!


Step 3

Content Topic Ideation, Writing, Link Placements & Getting it Published

Based on the “relevancy” keywords suggested our content team creates well-researched and high-quality content, which is then forwarded over to our SEO specialists who integrate the links into the content and pass it on to the outreach team. The outreach team conducts a quality-check and gets them published!

Step 4


You’ll receive a detailed report of all the guest posts’ links ordered along with the proof of Ahrefs DR+Traffic metrics for each domain within 7 working days of placing the order. We also maintain a database of all our individual customers’ orders so when you order new guest posts in future, we make sure that same guest post sites are not repeated for any particular money website!

Get 10% OFF On Your First Order!

Introductory Offer: Get 10% Discount on Your First Order!


What is Domain Rating or DR?

Domain Rating is a proprietary metric from Ahrefs that shows the strength of a target website’s total backlink profile (in terms of its size and quality). DR is measured on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100, with the latter being the strongest!

How Safe Are Guest Post Links?

Link building is considered risky as Google penalizes website with shady and irrelevant backlink profile. However guest posts are one of the safest forms of link building. We only include sites that are owned by real people and have real organic traffic. Our database of more than 5,000 websites is built on the basis of long-standing relationships with website owners!

Who Writes the Content for the Guest Posts?

We use talented writers from native english speaking countries. They do in-depth research about the guest post topic and write the best-quality content for you!

What Information Should I Provide with the Order?

For each guest post that you order, we’ll need the “target URL”, “anchor text” and “relevancy”. By “relevancy” we mean what keyword or key phrases you’d like to use in the guest post URL, Title Tag and Heading. We have kept the “relevancy” field optional so you can leave it up to us if you are not sure. Our entire guest post outreach and link building service is heavily based on relevancy which guarantees fantastic long-lasting results!

Are the Metrics Guaranteed?

Yes, Absolutely! We have a huge site database that is constantly being increasing. This database is updated in real time with the use of our proprietary methods and enterprise software. This allows us to provide a plethora of options options based on different combinations of DR+Traffic (with relevancy included).

You get 100% refund if you receive a guest post with lower metrics than what you have paid for!

What is the Delivery or Turn-Around Time (TAT)?

7 Working Days! Yes,you read that right! You don’t have to wait for 4 weeks (sometimes even longer) to get your guest posts delivered. We have a 100% track record of delivering all guest posts within 7 working days, irrespective of the metrics selected or the quantity of guest posts ordered.

Are There Any Niches or Category of Sites that You Don't Accept?

We work with all niches except casinos and adult related categories!

Do You Include Outbound Authority Links?

Yes, we include between 0-2 relevant outbound authority links per placement. If you have any concerns or specific requirements, please let us know through the order form.

Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

Yes, absolutely! We offer bulk discounts for orders above 10 links on a monthly basis! Feel free to get in touch through the contact form below or email us at info@outreachbolt.com to know more!

Get 10% OFF On Your First Order!

Introductory Offer: Get 10% Discount on Your First Order!

About Us

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Who is OutreachBolt and Why Choose Us?

OutreachBolt was founded in 2019 by Pratik Jain to deliver a relevant, powerful, cost-effective and super-fast guest post link building service. After being frustrated with low-quality guest posts, a waiting time that exceeded far beyond 3-4 weeks and having to constantly put up with irrelevant guest posts, we chose to start our own outreach campaign. After a lot of trial and error designing specific processes, building proprietary methods and using enterprise software, we were amazed to discover how quickly high-quality, super-relevant guest post links can be built!

For more than a year this service was only used for our in-house projects and tested with a small circle of SEO professionals and agencies. Now that we have everything covered and have put scalable-processes in place, this service is ready for YOU to deliver SEO successfully!

When you place an order with OutreachBolt you can be assured of getting only high-quality and niche-relevant guest post links. Our core focus has always been on two of the most important SEO factors (RELEVANCY + AUTHORITY). With so many pricing options based on DR +Traffic at your disposal you can use our service at any stage of your SEO campaign across any type of projects.

Be it enterprise SEO, local SEO, affiliate websites or any other project our service is relevant across all of them!

We are a professional, multi-talented SEO team with the experience needed to help set you up for success and achieve your desired goals, be it for your own online assets as well as clients!

Get 10% OFF On Your First Order!

Introductory Offer: Get 10% Discount on Your First Order!

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