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Do you want to get featured by DR40+ publications and get backlinks from esteemed websites like CEO Blog Nation, Readers Digest, Bustle, American Express, SheFinds, UpCity and many more? Let us help!


We know link-building can be difficult

Links play a critical role in the success of an SEO campaign. High-quality powerful backlinks are often the major deciding factor in helping a site gain advantage over its competition. When it comes to ranking for competitive keywords in SERPs, these backlinks are the reason why another site is outperforming yours.

We know link-building can be a tedious process. It can be expensive and time consuming. Especially when it comes to building good authority backlinks. This is exactly where we come in. We specialize in generating PR-Style backlinks from popular media publications through our outreach program. So you don’t have to worry about acquiring quality backlinks


How It Works


Step 1

Onboarding Process

In order for us to help you win high-authority PR mentions (backlinks). We will need some information from you or that brand that you represent. Once we have this information we will know if we are a good fit for each other and take the conversation forward from there!


Step 2

Choose a Package

We have designed 3 link-building packages for you to choose from. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a 3 link pack, 5 link pack or a 10 link pack. (all PR-style links are dofollow and will have a minimum DR of 25).


Step 3

Stay in-the-know

We’ll notify you each time you gain a backlink win from our outreach service. And if we are not hitting our targets, we’ll have an honest conversation with you to tweak and fine-tune our approach

Step 4

Gain Authority & Trust

Links are the cornerstone of SEO and everything it stands for. When it comes to trust signals, having sites like American Express act as referring domains is often what will give you the added advantage and help you do better than your competitors in the SERPs.

Let's get some High-Authority Links for You!


What Success Rate Do You Have With Pitches?

By having sent hundreds of pitches to journalists over the years. We understand that PR outreach is a volume game. You have to actively participate in order to stand a chance of winning a PR mention

According to our data, for most businesses and brands, we expect to win a PR mention for every 20 pitches that we send out. (i.e 5 percent success rate) For clients that specialize in a specific industry. We expect to achieve a link win once in every 7 pitches (i.e 14 percent success rate).

Why Should We Pay You?

Our clients choose our service because they do not have the time or the inclination to pursue backlink opportunities everyday.

Responding to reporter callouts is a task that is extremely time-intensive. Getting a backlink from pitching to a journalist is a combination of art and science. We’re constantly testing different approaches to find more efficient ways to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our clients range from busy agencies to sole proprietors who have a full-time job. They understand the importance of powerful links and the need for a diverse link acquisition strategy. They are also aware that they lack the time, the inclination or the expertise to do media publications’ outreach at scale. This is why they choose to work with us.

By using our service, you’ll leverage our experience so that you can free up your time for other pressing matters.

How Do You Work with Agencies?

As a part of our onboarding process, we will review your client list to gauge whether they will be a good fit for our pitches to journalists. We will  advise you what we will need from you in order to achieve your desired KPIs.

For example, some brands may have a fictional persona. In these cases, we cannot represent said brand because media publications require commentary from real experts.

Similarly, some executives may be hesitant to publish comments without first reviewing and approving each pitch. In these cases, we will work with you to ensure that your client understands the type of things we will say on their behalf.

If your client has an existing link building campaign, we’ll run a backlink analysis to make sure we do not double up on referring domains.

We will notify you each time we earn a link via our outreach service. If you would like, we can also cc: you on all our pitches.

Why Would a Large Media Company Want to Link Back to Me?

You may be surprised to find that we have achieved link wins from DR90+ websites to low DR websites. This is possible because we’re not pitching to large media companies. Instead, we’re pitching to individuals who write for these large media companies.

Journalists have a problem they need solved and the way we pitch them via email is to offer them with the solution they seek.

Most of the time, they do not see our emails. This is largely due to time constraints and the sheer number of responses they receive. But 1 out 20 of our pitches typically ends up earning a link from a high DR website.

From our experience, most freelance writers, journalists and bloggers have already done their research and have gathered all the necessary facts. All they want is for a few relevant professional experts to use as citing references to strengthen their argument. This is why a large media company such as Huffpost will link back to you.

How Much Do You Charge?

We offer PR-style links in prepaid tiered packages with attractive discounts applied for larger orders.

Whilst the majority of websites that we pitch to are authoritative sites, not all are. Some callouts remain anonymous and in some cases, anonymous listings can be big websites such as Forbes/Inc.

If an outreach link ends up coming from a site with a DR of less than 25, we will not charge you for it. This applies for nofollow links (i.e only DF outreach links will be counted towards your credit balance).

All prices are in USD.

3x dofollow DR25-99 links | $825

5x dofollow DR25-99 links | $1,250

10x dofollow DR25-99 links | $2,250

Do You Guarantee DoFollow Links?

The nature of pitching to journalists is such that there is no guarantee that our outreach will even result in a backlink! Similarly, we have zero control over whether the publishing site applies nofollow meta tags on their pages. We will only charge you for dofollow backlinks.

How Long Will You Take to Get 3 or 5 or 10 Links?

During our initial onboarding process, we will decide whether we can assist you with your link building campaign. From our experience, certain business models and brands are not a good fit for PR-style link building.

Next, we will need some essential information from you so that we can start pitching on your behalf ASAP. The sooner  you provide us with these details, the sooner we can start,

Generally speaking, we can achieve a conversion rate of 5-19 percent and depending on what journalists and freelance writers require, we can deliver your order within a period of 45-days to 6-months.

What If A Link You Get is From a Website with a DR lower than 25?

Some queries are marked as ‘anonymous’ by journalists. In some cases, the publishing website may be a high DR website and in other cases, it may be a low DR website.

We will only charge you for websites with a Domain Rating that is equal to or greater than 25.

Therefore, if a pitch results in a backlink from a DR17 website, you can keep the link and consider it a bonus and we will not charge you for it.

Do You Service All Niches?

From our experience journalists are niche-agnostic. However, they want to cite relevant experts that exist in real life. So if you run an affiliate website that does not have a credible person who operates the brand, it is unlikely that we will be able to help you earn any mentions.

Let's get some High-Authority Links for You!

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